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Holiday Spirit, Friend of PM, or Tax Break — Choose Wisely

OK, so here’s the end of year pop quiz:  The reason I am going to make a donation of at least $20 RIGHT NOW to the Jerry King Memorial Scholarship BEFORE 2012 is:

a) I’m in the holiday spirit and want to share

b) I support both education and project management; as a professional I don’t procrastinate

c) I need a quick tax break (please consult your tax professional)

d) World didn’t end in 2011 but I’m concerned about 12/21/12

e) All of the above.

No matter what your reason, your donation, no matter how small or how large, goes to support the permanent endowment of a scholarship with the purpose of enabling community, teachers, school administrators, non-profit staff, and unemployed project managers to attend REP (Registered Education Provider) certificate and certification training.  If you prefer, you can also make a donation toward many other fine scholarships and efforts of the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation. Even 11:59:59pm on 12/31/2011 counts, but why delay?

A big thanks this year goes to PMI Region 7, Richard Polendey, and other supporters.  As a result, the scholarship is now approximately 1/3 of the way to becoming a PERMANENT SCHOLARSHIP (not bad after 2 years).

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate and recognize Stephanie Burden of Gilbert, AZ. She is a member of the PMI Phoenix Chapter, and she is taking the “PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Course” administered by the PMI Phoenix Chapter, which is a PMI R.E.P.

Stephanie has been a project manager for the past eight years with no formal training, and she strengthening her skillset with her pursuit of the PMP and finishing up her Technical Management with a Project Management concentration degree at DeVry University. Once she attains her PMP, she hopes to volunteer for the Phoenix Chapter to help others attain it as well.

Congratulations Stephanie!  And thank you for giving back to the community!

So here’s the deal — head on over to either Firstgiving or PMI Educational Foundation and click that Donate button RIGHT NOW.  Whether you donate or not, let’s show the world the power of the profession — retweet, re-post, re-status, re-Digg, re-everything else you can think of — by getting the WORD OUT NOW….  I want to hear from complete strangers that they’ve heard of this scholarship and the work of the PMIEF.

No matter what your holiday …. MERRY KWANSIKKAHFESTIMAS (or is it CHRISTIVUSHANZAAMAS?)! Thank you for your support in 2011 and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy and Healthy 2012!


Controlling Project Costs and Risks – Fall 2011

Course Code: BUSA-40358
Full Title: Controlling Project Costs and Risks
Primary Instructor: FROHNHOEFER, RAY

Term: FA11    Units: 3.00
Start Date: 09/19/2011   End Date: 11/27/2011

Contact: JeanMarie Bond

Since 2002 I’ve been offering Controlling Project Costs and Risks as part of the UCSD Extention Project Management Certificate Program.  For the past three years it has been online, and the next offering is scheduled for 10 weeks beginning September 19.  Each week offers a new lesson which you complete at your own pace over the course of a week — it’s a true anywhere, anytime learning course with a guided, asynchronous discussion.  I’ve had students that were able to access the course and materials on their SmartPhone, though a regular desktop or laptop computer is recommended.

The PMI Educational Foundation offers a number of scholarships for training and professional development programs.  Please visit their scholarship site at for additional information.

Project management and control is simplified by good planning right from the start. The course, offered a limited number of times each year,  is totally online and includes 27 hours of instruction.  Topics include:

  • Introduction to the BlackBoard System and Course
  • Selecting and Planning Projects
  • Controlling Project Costs with Estimates and Contracts
  • Measuring Project Financial Progress
  • Controlling Project Scope and Changes
  • The Role of Communications in Controlling Costs and Risks
  • Controlling Project Risks
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Cost and Risk Case Studies
  • Miscellaneous Topics
    • Conducting Project Reviews
    • Relationship Between Schedules, Costs, and Risks
    • Managing Projects with Fixed Constraints
    • Why Do Managed Projects Fail?
    • The Relationship Between Projects and Products

More information and online enrollment is available from the course catalog at: Controlling Project Costs and Risks.

Here’s what learners had to say about the Spring 2011 edition:

“No doubt, Ray is the best instructor for this course!”

“Ray was informed and knowledgeable on the topic at hand and presented informative lectures. Participation was encouraged and the class responded to that expectation very well. One of the most participating classes I have participated in . It really aided in the delivering the intended lessons.”

“I only can say that I haven’t had an instructor whose knowledge on the matter and his ability to teach in an online environment was perfect as with Ray.”

“I thought this was a very well executed class. There were no surprises. I look forward to another class with Ray.”

Hope to see you online at UCSD Extension soon!

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Need a year end tax deduction?

Need a year end tax deduction? Please consider donating to the Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for PM Excellence and support training for educators and unemployed Project Managers. Visit Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence. The scholarship is an offering of the PMI Educational Foundation. We’ve raised more than $3,000 toward the $25,000 goal since announcing on this blog a few months ago!

The Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence

When I announced my blogging break back in May, I alluded to “other projects”. One of these projects is now coming to fruition.

In cooperation with the PMI Educational Foundation, The Friends of Jerry King have made available a unique scholarship. The first award has been funded and we are actively seeking both applicants for a September award and assistance in permanently endowing the scholarship with $25,000.

This scholarship is unique because

– it is a training, rather than an academic scholarship
– it is regional in scope (PMI Region 7 or Southwest North America, including Hawaii, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona)
– in addition to being available to PMI Members, teachers, school administrators, non-profit staff, and un-/under-employed Project Managers are invited to apply

So if you would like to get more information about the scholarship or apply, please visit Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence.

If you are able to help us fund this unique scholarship offering and permanently endow it through raising $25,000 (your gift, no matter how large or how small counts), please visit the scholarship fund raising page.

Thank you in advance for your help with this important initiative.

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