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Need a year end tax deduction?

Need a year end tax deduction? Please consider donating to the Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for PM Excellence and support training for educators and unemployed Project Managers. Visit Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence. The scholarship is an offering of the PMI Educational Foundation. We’ve raised more than $3,000 toward the $25,000 goal since announcing on this blog a few months ago!

The Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence

When I announced my blogging break back in May, I alluded to “other projects”. One of these projects is now coming to fruition.

In cooperation with the PMI Educational Foundation, The Friends of Jerry King have made available a unique scholarship. The first award has been funded and we are actively seeking both applicants for a September award and assistance in permanently endowing the scholarship with $25,000.

This scholarship is unique because

– it is a training, rather than an academic scholarship
– it is regional in scope (PMI Region 7 or Southwest North America, including Hawaii, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona)
– in addition to being available to PMI Members, teachers, school administrators, non-profit staff, and un-/under-employed Project Managers are invited to apply

So if you would like to get more information about the scholarship or apply, please visit Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence.

If you are able to help us fund this unique scholarship offering and permanently endow it through raising $25,000 (your gift, no matter how large or how small counts), please visit the scholarship fund raising page.

Thank you in advance for your help with this important initiative.

Membership in a Growing Profession

In these difficult economic times worldwide, I continue to be delighted to find that the Project Management Institute continues to grow. More than just a growth company, PMI is perhaps the world’s largest professional learning community. It represents my investment in me and continues to have high returns.

It seems like just yesterday PMI reached 200,000 and then 250,000 members. Last year, growing about 6 or 7%, the organization is on a path to half a million members, having made significant inroads into the 300,000s. And on the bigger scale, this professional learning community has more than half a million members already when you combine in those with certifications who also participate in the organization in some way or another. If nothing else, they are learning to earn their PDUs to renew their certification.

A friend from Canada recently brought to my attention a situation where some local members did not want to pay their dues, since their company would not. For me personally, this does not align well with the PMI strategic plan or purpose. Membership in PMI is about leadership. Membership in PMI is about creating value for me and my employer.

I’ve always been independent in this matter and have almost always paid for my dues personally. Its because of the value I receive as both a member and a volunteer within the community. While I’m certain I am receiving value, I’m hoping my employer will as well, if not in all aspects of my work, at least where I am in a project management role.

So I ask you, my fellow professionals, to continue to enhance and develop your leadership skills, and demonstrate to your employers the value of project management. Volunteering with PMI (locally or globally) is one of many good ways to do this. Volunteers are eligible to participate in many leadership opportunities while serving the community.

To understand the importance and challenges of leadership, I would encourage you to visit the Total CIO blog and consider the challenges of “Why be Led by You

Amazing Colleagues

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Project Management Institute, the “world’s leading organization for the project management profession“. I recently returned from the Leadership Institute Masters Class 2010 and the North American Leadership Meeting, two events in Orlando Florida which preceeded the North American Congress. I’ve personally reached the 9 year mark of volunteering with the Institute and had an opportunity to reflect on the amazing colleagues I have within the organization.

The LIMC 2010 is comprised of 23 leaders from 7 countries (10+ if you count country of origin, rather than residence) over 5 continents. This is perhaps one of the most distinguished groups of project executives and directors, board members, authors, and speakers that I have ever had the privilege working with. Our facilitation included studies of leadership styles, strengths, trusted relationships, and building sustainable organizations.

The Leadership Institute Meeting was attended by more than 720 leaders from 38 countries. These are just a fraction of the 5,000 volunteer leaders worldwide that interact with the 305,000+ members (from 180+ countries) and over half a million stakeholders from an estimated market of 16 million project management practitioners. The keynote and closing speaker was Dr. Gary Bradt, author of The Ring in the Rubble”. Paricipants had an opportunity to learn and share in three tracks – Association Governance, Institutional Knowledge, and Individual Leadership Development. I had the opportunity to facilitate a governance session on external relationships and later, with co-presenter Richard Polendey from Honolulu, offered leaders a way for “Governance Made Easy” through operational tools and templates.

Throughout the next year, I will be working with the LIMC 2010 group and my learning group. There is a physical meeting in Scottsdale in April and our final meeting and graduation will be in Washington DC next October. My learning group team is considering developing a presentation on transitioning an operational board of directors to a strategic board of a sustainable community. I’m looking forward to the path ahead.

If you would like amazing colleagues too, then visit the Project Management Institute and consider volunteering.

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