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Grateful and Resolute – 2012

Christmas 2011 found me in Palm Springs continuing my tradition now for several years.  And once more its almost time to depart for Philadelphia for my seventh annual PMI Leadership Institute Volunteer Strategy Meeting.  Work on the Community Development Governance Committee was completed in October and this year I will be a part of the Leadership Institute Advisory Group.

2011 was another a year of abundance with family, loved ones, and friends for which I am grateful.

For you, my readers, I am also grateful. Despite the fact that I’ve taken an extended blogging break, the site continued to have a steady stream of visitors. My special thanks to Susan Peterson who continues to allow me to republish her articles and Fadi El-Eter of PM Hut and Project Management Questions for his continued support.

2011 was an important year and I felt I’d really accomplished more than most other years:

  • At EDmin, I completed record year of services and support for clients and began to focus on an important new product. This is my 8th year.
  • I once again completed two online offerings of Controlling Project Costs and Risks as part of the UCSD Extension Project Management Certificate program.
  • For the Project Management Institute, I attended the EMEA (Dublin)  Leadership Institute Meeting and delivered a presentation on Conflict Resolution for Project Leaders, repeated that presentation a couple of months later for a Leadership Institute Masters Class, and then had two presentations at the Leadership Institute Meeting in Dallas. One was on the role of Finance and the other was on Transforming a Board from an Operational to a Strategic State of Mind.
  • With the Community Development Governance Committee, I continued to produce articles on Leadership and Governance, continued to participate in development of a conflict resolution and management program, and completed a Chapter Leaders Guide on Transition and Succession Planning.
  • Continued contributions to the PMI Educational Foundation Project Management Scholarships targeted to teachers, school administrators, and unemployed Project Managers; the scholarship I am trying to have endowed recevied some substantial contributions from otheres as well.  See the “I Support” area on the right of the blog for more.
  • I completed integrating social networking with Linked In and FaceBook to the blog and made several invisible to readers but significant upgrades to the blogging platform.

The Project Notebook has now resided on WordPress for a year and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve been helping out as a volunteer answering questions at Project Management Questions and haven’t had to time create many posts, but I’m aiming to change that in 2012.  I’m grateful that you, the readers still continue to visit the articles.  And readership at Project Management Questions has been increasing as well – I’m getting a slow but steady stream of feedback for my work there.  A big thanks to Fadi El-Eter for the opportunity.

As for 2012, the planning is just beginning.  I’m in the process of evaluating trips to Marsailles France, Atlanta Georgia, Vancouver British Columbia, Washington DC, Sydney Australia, Jakarta Indonesia, and Singapore, plus other locations for PMI, personal business, business, or vacation.  I’m thinking about revitalizing this blog with additional new features and have just finished a few “practice sessions” with Twitter. I never did complete the main page for the domain, however I’m evaluating another domain and will most likely finish that page.  I’ve started working with some talented folks that are assisting in the process of “harvesting” years of development of intellectual property as “bits and pieces” into coherent and relevant packages.  More to come on this topic as the year goes on.

In 2012 I plan to continue to revive my interest in photography for both enjoyment and as a support tool for business.  I’m putting together the necessary components to film and produce full HD video, and I suspect you will see some of those efforts take shape on this blog later this year.  For 2012, I’m planning to put together some “stock” presentations on topics of importance and interest to me and seeking venues to share them.  Its mostly a handwritten and short list right now, but as the year goes on, this too will take shape.

Finally, I have a professional interest in school improvement. It was reported by some in 2011 that the US was 38th in education among industrialized nations. I’m going to continue to seek ways, even if small, to influence change here.

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So if you have any thoughts you would like to share, please rate the post, leave a comment, or drop me an email at Thanks for reading and a Happy, Healthy, and Abundant New Year to all!

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